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Kailua & Hawaiian Rain

Wow. I just came back from an awesome day at the beach.
Drove to Kailua on Oahu's eastcoast and spent my day in the sand and in the water.

ImageBanana - 29149_1428698046375_1500557262_10942.jpg ImageBanana - 29149_1428698006374_1500557262_10942.jpg

Was amazing, but it feels like it gets hotter every day. Today it was 36°C at 9 AM and I felt already on the way to the bus like dying. So I just came back and looked into the mirror. I can't remember whenever I have been tanned like this, I'm so dark now. My body looks like someone painted a bikini shape on the skin.  Aswell sunburnt. My whole skin is warm and a little red, but I still feel great. I'm just glad that I spent only two hours in the sun, but this effect is extreme. If I would have stayed the whole afternoon, I probably couldn't sit on my ass no more.

No no. So I left 3 PM and walked into Kailua Town. I really walked, as you can't rely on this crappy bus and it's either way better to walk 2 1/2 miles... I rather sweat than freezing in this cold hell.

Kailua is amazingly beautiful and has so much more character than Honolulu. It's a small, quiet beachtown that has origin, roots and a lot of little surf shops and island stuff and good food. That's what I like. (I actually love this colorful surfer clothing. It's like skater clothing, only with an island touch. But so much better than all the bitchy-bling-bling shit in the malls. Bought two dresses and a hat. There comes the Bohemian through... ).

ImageBanana - IMG_0990.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0983.JPG

ImageBanana - IMG_0984.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0989.JPG

My highlight of the day was finally something, I've been talking about for five years or more. Those days were so hot, my hope was always growing when clouds came up, but today I felt a raindrop on my nose. Five minutes later it started to rain. It poured and the water ran down the streets. Hawaiian rain. Another little dream came true.
So I still walked there beside the road, towards the town, wet all over, with music on as always, just lucky. Some pickup with a surfer guy held beside me: "Miss, shall I take you to town? It pours so badly!" Said no and smiled. Rain on Hawaii has something magical, even more because there are always rainbows afterwards everywhere. And it smells so good.

ImageBanana - IMG_1008.JPG

Bought me aswell a pineapple for dinner now. Right at the beach, under the palm. Island melancholy...

Tomorrow comes more, gonna stay out of the sun for a day and go exploring!  Think I know where to go...


13.5.10 12:39


Pineapples & Paradise

Aloha again,

my plans for today changed a little. I left around noon and took the bus from Ala Moana Center out of town. Oahu's public transportation is actually really good: Took the Circle Line which goes all around the island (takes like 4 hours until you're back in Honolulu) and just jumped in. So I sat there with the plan of going to the Pineapple Plantation which was just a little Northern from Honolulu... after an hour slowly noticing: The ocean is to my right.  The bus goes eastbound. Means a detour of three hours. But alright, I have time, I don't stress, I'm on vacation and this way, I get to see something anyway. So just sit and stare.

To be true, Hawaiian busses are a catastrophe. The seat and the bumping caused by the roads made my back hurt as hell, but that wasn't the worst: While it was awful hot outside, the air condition in the bus (I sat right under. And no, changing the seat is not an option, because the others are the same. ) was not only cooling, it turned the bus' inside into arctic climate circumstances. Honestly, I sat there and felt like an icicle. I still did when I left the bus.

So I just got off the bus on a nice place, just for fun, and walked like a half mile until I was at the shore. Breathtaking. Have never seen a beach like that. Totally quiet, off from Waikiki's trouble, light sand, turquoise water and palms hanging into it. It looked exactly like a wallpaper and I sat there for around an hour.  
ImageBanana - unktitledk.bmp.png ImageBanana - 29149_1428696566338_1500557262_10942.jpg 

ImageBanana - untitledh.bmp.png 

ImageBanana - romy.JPG

Later in the afternoon (after I crossed the whole rest of Oahu ), I finally arrived at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Which was absolutely paradise for me as someone who has to have one a day at home. The platation consisted of: The plantation itself with like 50 different pineapple plants snoozling in the sun, the world's largest maze (Always wanted to do that. I entered and got lost. Took me like 30 minutes to find out! Very fun! ) and of course a huge, really huge shop where you can buy everything made out of pineapples (overpriced of couse. You need to take it from tourists...) . Pineapple cookies, pineapple chocolate, pineapple spices, pineapple gum, pineapple dog goodies (!), pineapple-shaped kitsch and aswell some mango coconut things and a lot of other shit. And a bar. I ordered? Guess what. Pineapple ice cream and a pineapple smoothie. Geez.  Loved it.
ImageBanana - 29149_1428697526362_1500557262_10942.jpg ImageBanana - 29149_1428697366358_1500557262_10942.jpg
Bought some mango-pineapple-macadamia nut popcorn for my friends at home. I'm really scared - the day on the airport will be judgement day.
I bought so much stuff for my family and friends and almost nothing for me, but I don't know how to bring it all home. (After 1100 NOK due to overweight at Oslo Airport after a half year in Norway, I'm thrilled). So I hope that works out.

ImageBanana - dolemaze.jpg
Now I'm back in Waikiki and just had a funny thing when I was at Susie's place. Us two sitting in the livingroom, smelling freshly grilled meat. One second later I was on the balcony to check the environment: 4 Colombian guys having a BBQ at the pool. One look at each other (="Hungry!"), 2 minutes later we sat beside the pool without needing to say a word and another minute later I had my steak in front of me. The successful strategy of women!

Now I'm gonna have some watermelon and then I'll only relax. Done for today.

Let's see what happens tomorrow. :-)



12.5.10 09:56

Ala Moana!

Aloha everyone,

it's getting better with me. ;-) Today I made it to stand on the surfboard for a little longer. I thought I'm really good at balance, but it's honestly difficult. A good thigh-training though. Stayed at the beach until noon, then I got me some food at Hard Rock Café where Susie works and went to Ala Moana Center - the biggest shopping center in the world. (I absolutely have no fun shopping on HAWAII, honestly, I think it's wasted time on an island like this), but I had to buy some things that were cheaper than in California (half taxes!) and so I ended up spending way too much money.

Anyway! Ala Moana is the world's (!) largest shopping center, it has over 200 stores and please don't ask me how many times I got lost there. I had a map in my hands and still didn't get along with it. 4 floors, this thing is huge and like a maze, but so awesome. The ground level is a huge food court where they had all kinds of funny stuff. Like I tasted some kind of a hot rice ball filled with black sugar. Tasted like a cinnamon roll somehow, but different. Really good stuff. I can't really describe Hawaiian kitchen... as I am already halfway close to Japan and all the stuff, there are a lot of Asian people living here and so is of course the food offer, you get Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese... and "Hawaiian" is more like a mix between American and Asian, playing with fruits (pineapples ) and spices and chicken and fish. I like it.

ImageBanana - 65542250_MS4Y8w9m.jpg

ImageBanana - dsc029522.jpg

Evening was quiet, I was at a top of the Sheraton and just TRYING to make something like a video blog :D I'm not that good in talking, so it's a little funny, but there you go. :-)


10.5.10 22:17

If I Had Ice...

Aloha everyone,

my first day on Oahu has been amazing! I stay in a little beachhouse located at the coast of Waikiki (and it's truly an "Open the door -> Beach!" - house. ) and met my friend Susie today. Honestly, I haven't met anyone for a while so similar to me. The first joke is that she comes from my town (you don't know how good it feels to speak DIALECT. On Oahu! A piece of home!) and just left at the age of 20 to Orlando, now she lives on Hawaii and has a Greencard. The best example, I'm stunned. The second thing is that we have the exact same type of humor and I don't know how often we stopped our way through Honolulu at night because we couldn't walk of laughing no more.

However, I've put an orchid in my hair ( I learned: Left side is when you have a beau, right side when not ) went directly to the beach today - 30° C already at 9 PM) and got my ass on a surfboard. The water is incredebly warm and clear and I haven't seen an ocean so blue for a while. All this with the background of mountains and palms, it's crazy beautiful. Susie left for a meeting and left me alone with Mike, our surf teacher (he looks good. He is a Jack-Johnson-Type anc character.) We actually drove her to Kapalama in West-Honolulu and I while there was tiny space for three people in Mike's pickup, I chose to sit on the open back. So we cruised through Honolulu, Jack Johnson in my ear, Pineapple Ice Shake in my hand and everything was fine.
ImageBanana - IMG_0942.JPG  ImageBanana - IMG_0932.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0937.JPG
In the afternoon, I strolled through Waikiki. Some guy (exploding of muscles and tanned like living in a toaster ) started talking to me and thought, he needed to follow me down all of Kalakaua Avenue and insist on inviting me on some drinks as it was Happy-Hour time everywhere. Alright, why not, if he wants to invite me, I'll join. Why shouldn't I? (We're women. And men are stupid. That's at least what my granny told me. ) That poolside we went to was cool (flashback, 80's music!). And he turned out to be really nice - only little problem was that he talked to my boobs and my ass instead to me and had the IQ of a broken coconut. Anyway, I ended up with 3 Mai Tai and 2 Tequila shots right in the afternoon and Oahu felt like 20 degrees hotter when walking back to my apartment. And the guy? Never saw him again.  Good job.

Evening was nice, fire-torches and waterfalls everywhere, awesome shops and there's a lot to discover.
Sat at a bar right at the beach, called Rumfire. They have international rum from all over the world, like 100 different ones and I tasted one from... my next trip, the real cast away.  Amazing atmosphere with the Hawaiian music everywhere...

ImageBanana - untitled.JPG

ImageBanana - 144558514nBnJoI_fs.jpg

I'm looking forward to spending the upcoming days in the nature, exploring the island, everything outside Honolulu. Let's see what happens next. Tomorrow is surf.

Life is good.

Mahalo & Aloha,

10.5.10 06:42


10:20 PM, I finally landed, after 6 long hours flight, in... Honolulu on the beautiful island Oahu located on Hawaii.
Actually 12 hours difference from home.
And all I can say is: Breathtaking. So breathtaking amazing.
Already descending over all the alighted islands, so small and beautiful from above, the volcano, rainforests and the coasts... I'm totally blown away. Still 29° C when I left the plane, damp, warm air and Aloha here and there and everywhere. I was totally lost at first and searching for a transit, but instead of a map, I found like 20 Aloha-banners. Took me an hour until I arrived in Waikiki, but this is truly... wow. Wow. This is paradise. Had to put my feet into the water at the beach after the long journey.
I can't wait to explore.

That's all you get for today so far:
ImageBanana - WaikikiNight107.JPG

More tomorrow, gotta catch some sleep now, I'm so tired...


9.5.10 16:04


The day has come and I am OVER and DONE with my work in Los Angeles. Tomorrow, May 8, my flight departs at 6 PM from LAX to... yeah, where to? :-) This is what the blog was made for.
I guess there's just a few of you knowing at all where my ways will lead me to (even my family does not know anything so far).

So it's time of my real breakaway and I'm ready to get my Robinson Experiment started!

Short explanation again: It's the craziest thing ever, I've only booked the flights so far. I don't know where the heck I am gonna end up, this is one big adventure trip and I am gonna leave 90% of my luggage in Los Angeles and pick it up afterwards, only take the most necessary stuff in a bag with me (+ my notebook, but that's an essential thing anyway). There's no place I've been before, there's even one place on my list which location on this planet I'm not even sure about. :-)) So let's see if I even come back. (I wait so badly for the day when I'm gonna end up stuck anywhere cause I booked the flight wrong. ;-) But let's wait and see - the weeks will be packed with new things and adventures).

I have 30.000 kilometres in front of me.
I have never done something like this before, but I can't wait to go.
So: Be excited! From tonight, check out the update. ;-)

Kisses from sunny Los Angeles, I'll have my last night out now.


P.S.: There's a small, but clear hint on this page....just look at it a little closer. ;-)

8.5.10 08:10

Beachcruising in Long Beach

Had fun today cruising along Long Beach shore with my beautiful blue laid-back beachcruiser. :-) Here's some pictures for you.
ImageBanana - bike.jpg

ImageBanana - bike2.jpg
Of course NEVERRR without my beloved coffee and some nice Beach Boys sound. ;-)

ImageBanana - DSC02387.JPG   ImageBanana - IMG_0728.JPG

8.5.10 08:06

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