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Today me and Rose went climbing in Long Beach. My first time. What shall I say? My muscles are sore as hell, everything hurts, but it was extremely fun though I rather fell down the wall than I climbed, but I loved it and will definetely hit up the climbing place in my town.

ImageBanana - climb.jpg  ImageBanana - climb.jpg
28.4.10 14:57


Millions Of Milkshakes!

I'm really pissed today. :-) Imagine, you have a REALLY good business idea... and then you discover that someone already had exactly the same idea and makes now millions with it.

The thing I'm talking about is Millions Of Milkshakes, the greatest shake-store ever, located on Robertson Blvd. You can choose between a few dozen chocolate bars, cookies, fresh fruits, yogurt, ice cream, sauces and other tasty stuff and create your own shake. I chose the Khloé-shake (yeah, Kardashian. Of course this spot has to be a celebrity-thing again...  You can have the Miley-shake too...).

ImageBanana - milkshake1.jpg ImageBanana - milkshake2.jpg

 However, felt like the liquid death, 5000 calories, Chocolate Cream and Bananas and Ice Cream and Cookies and other healthy things. But soooo good. If you ever come to LA, do not miss this spot!

29.4.10 23:53

Update II

Hey guys :-) Now there's the new video and playlist section on the right. Check them films and songs out! I'm sure they're gonna be overbidden the next weeks...
Keep trackin'!

Romy xx

14.2.10 21:42

Here we gooo with the first update!

This is a short list of the songs of my first days in Miami, now available in the brandnew playlist section. From now I'm gonna list the songs up online that accompanied me/us those days. Cause all this wouldn't be as half as fun as without music, right? Right!
And there we have with Miami already the first awesome memories. :-)
There were hot nights out (Tik Tok is sooo Nikki Beach @ South Beach with Venessa) and aswell some epic moments (No need to tell which one, you gonna know by yourself)... And damn, how I'm in love with this town now...

So enjoy.

By the way, I am more than fine and enjoying the first beach days in Santa Monica. :-) February here feels like May in Germany. Crazy! I love it.
Miss you guys over there a lot.

(But I wouldn't wanna change ;-) )

Romy xx

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5.2.10 04:34


Welcome to my super cool travel blog, let's get it started, guys! (My very first do-it-yourself-HTML-page, not bad, huh?) :-)

I arrived well in sunny, warm California and had awesome first days. On the right you can check out some short entries I already made. I'm gonna write whenever I am free to do so. So don't be disappointed if there's no news for a few days or weeks, I'm probably just busy [in case I died anywhere, you're gonna know someway ;-) ].

Aswell there's a little scrapbook I'd love to have you signed in and of course feel free to contact me whenever you want to know something or miss something here - then I'll do my best to bring it on. ;-)

So far, enjoy & I hope you stick with me.

Lots of California Kisses,

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4.2.10 07:11

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