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The day has come and I am OVER and DONE with my work in Los Angeles. Tomorrow, May 8, my flight departs at 6 PM from LAX to... yeah, where to? :-) This is what the blog was made for.
I guess there's just a few of you knowing at all where my ways will lead me to (even my family does not know anything so far).

So it's time of my real breakaway and I'm ready to get my Robinson Experiment started!

Short explanation again: It's the craziest thing ever, I've only booked the flights so far. I don't know where the heck I am gonna end up, this is one big adventure trip and I am gonna leave 90% of my luggage in Los Angeles and pick it up afterwards, only take the most necessary stuff in a bag with me (+ my notebook, but that's an essential thing anyway). There's no place I've been before, there's even one place on my list which location on this planet I'm not even sure about. :-)) So let's see if I even come back. (I wait so badly for the day when I'm gonna end up stuck anywhere cause I booked the flight wrong. ;-) But let's wait and see - the weeks will be packed with new things and adventures).

I have 30.000 kilometres in front of me.
I have never done something like this before, but I can't wait to go.
So: Be excited! From tonight, check out the update. ;-)

Kisses from sunny Los Angeles, I'll have my last night out now.


P.S.: There's a small, but clear hint on this page....just look at it a little closer. ;-)

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