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If I Had Ice...

Aloha everyone,

my first day on Oahu has been amazing! I stay in a little beachhouse located at the coast of Waikiki (and it's truly an "Open the door -> Beach!" - house. ) and met my friend Susie today. Honestly, I haven't met anyone for a while so similar to me. The first joke is that she comes from my town (you don't know how good it feels to speak DIALECT. On Oahu! A piece of home!) and just left at the age of 20 to Orlando, now she lives on Hawaii and has a Greencard. The best example, I'm stunned. The second thing is that we have the exact same type of humor and I don't know how often we stopped our way through Honolulu at night because we couldn't walk of laughing no more.

However, I've put an orchid in my hair ( I learned: Left side is when you have a beau, right side when not ) went directly to the beach today - 30° C already at 9 PM) and got my ass on a surfboard. The water is incredebly warm and clear and I haven't seen an ocean so blue for a while. All this with the background of mountains and palms, it's crazy beautiful. Susie left for a meeting and left me alone with Mike, our surf teacher (he looks good. He is a Jack-Johnson-Type anc character.) We actually drove her to Kapalama in West-Honolulu and I while there was tiny space for three people in Mike's pickup, I chose to sit on the open back. So we cruised through Honolulu, Jack Johnson in my ear, Pineapple Ice Shake in my hand and everything was fine.
ImageBanana - IMG_0942.JPG  ImageBanana - IMG_0932.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0937.JPG
In the afternoon, I strolled through Waikiki. Some guy (exploding of muscles and tanned like living in a toaster ) started talking to me and thought, he needed to follow me down all of Kalakaua Avenue and insist on inviting me on some drinks as it was Happy-Hour time everywhere. Alright, why not, if he wants to invite me, I'll join. Why shouldn't I? (We're women. And men are stupid. That's at least what my granny told me. ) That poolside we went to was cool (flashback, 80's music!). And he turned out to be really nice - only little problem was that he talked to my boobs and my ass instead to me and had the IQ of a broken coconut. Anyway, I ended up with 3 Mai Tai and 2 Tequila shots right in the afternoon and Oahu felt like 20 degrees hotter when walking back to my apartment. And the guy? Never saw him again.  Good job.

Evening was nice, fire-torches and waterfalls everywhere, awesome shops and there's a lot to discover.
Sat at a bar right at the beach, called Rumfire. They have international rum from all over the world, like 100 different ones and I tasted one from... my next trip, the real cast away.  Amazing atmosphere with the Hawaiian music everywhere...

ImageBanana - untitled.JPG

ImageBanana - 144558514nBnJoI_fs.jpg

I'm looking forward to spending the upcoming days in the nature, exploring the island, everything outside Honolulu. Let's see what happens next. Tomorrow is surf.

Life is good.

Mahalo & Aloha,

10.5.10 06:42


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