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Ala Moana!

Aloha everyone,

it's getting better with me. ;-) Today I made it to stand on the surfboard for a little longer. I thought I'm really good at balance, but it's honestly difficult. A good thigh-training though. Stayed at the beach until noon, then I got me some food at Hard Rock Café where Susie works and went to Ala Moana Center - the biggest shopping center in the world. (I absolutely have no fun shopping on HAWAII, honestly, I think it's wasted time on an island like this), but I had to buy some things that were cheaper than in California (half taxes!) and so I ended up spending way too much money.

Anyway! Ala Moana is the world's (!) largest shopping center, it has over 200 stores and please don't ask me how many times I got lost there. I had a map in my hands and still didn't get along with it. 4 floors, this thing is huge and like a maze, but so awesome. The ground level is a huge food court where they had all kinds of funny stuff. Like I tasted some kind of a hot rice ball filled with black sugar. Tasted like a cinnamon roll somehow, but different. Really good stuff. I can't really describe Hawaiian kitchen... as I am already halfway close to Japan and all the stuff, there are a lot of Asian people living here and so is of course the food offer, you get Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese... and "Hawaiian" is more like a mix between American and Asian, playing with fruits (pineapples ) and spices and chicken and fish. I like it.

ImageBanana - 65542250_MS4Y8w9m.jpg

ImageBanana - dsc029522.jpg

Evening was quiet, I was at a top of the Sheraton and just TRYING to make something like a video blog :D I'm not that good in talking, so it's a little funny, but there you go. :-)


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