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Pineapples & Paradise

Aloha again,

my plans for today changed a little. I left around noon and took the bus from Ala Moana Center out of town. Oahu's public transportation is actually really good: Took the Circle Line which goes all around the island (takes like 4 hours until you're back in Honolulu) and just jumped in. So I sat there with the plan of going to the Pineapple Plantation which was just a little Northern from Honolulu... after an hour slowly noticing: The ocean is to my right.  The bus goes eastbound. Means a detour of three hours. But alright, I have time, I don't stress, I'm on vacation and this way, I get to see something anyway. So just sit and stare.

To be true, Hawaiian busses are a catastrophe. The seat and the bumping caused by the roads made my back hurt as hell, but that wasn't the worst: While it was awful hot outside, the air condition in the bus (I sat right under. And no, changing the seat is not an option, because the others are the same. ) was not only cooling, it turned the bus' inside into arctic climate circumstances. Honestly, I sat there and felt like an icicle. I still did when I left the bus.

So I just got off the bus on a nice place, just for fun, and walked like a half mile until I was at the shore. Breathtaking. Have never seen a beach like that. Totally quiet, off from Waikiki's trouble, light sand, turquoise water and palms hanging into it. It looked exactly like a wallpaper and I sat there for around an hour.  
ImageBanana - unktitledk.bmp.png ImageBanana - 29149_1428696566338_1500557262_10942.jpg 

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Later in the afternoon (after I crossed the whole rest of Oahu ), I finally arrived at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Which was absolutely paradise for me as someone who has to have one a day at home. The platation consisted of: The plantation itself with like 50 different pineapple plants snoozling in the sun, the world's largest maze (Always wanted to do that. I entered and got lost. Took me like 30 minutes to find out! Very fun! ) and of course a huge, really huge shop where you can buy everything made out of pineapples (overpriced of couse. You need to take it from tourists...) . Pineapple cookies, pineapple chocolate, pineapple spices, pineapple gum, pineapple dog goodies (!), pineapple-shaped kitsch and aswell some mango coconut things and a lot of other shit. And a bar. I ordered? Guess what. Pineapple ice cream and a pineapple smoothie. Geez.  Loved it.
ImageBanana - 29149_1428697526362_1500557262_10942.jpg ImageBanana - 29149_1428697366358_1500557262_10942.jpg
Bought some mango-pineapple-macadamia nut popcorn for my friends at home. I'm really scared - the day on the airport will be judgement day.
I bought so much stuff for my family and friends and almost nothing for me, but I don't know how to bring it all home. (After 1100 NOK due to overweight at Oslo Airport after a half year in Norway, I'm thrilled). So I hope that works out.

ImageBanana - dolemaze.jpg
Now I'm back in Waikiki and just had a funny thing when I was at Susie's place. Us two sitting in the livingroom, smelling freshly grilled meat. One second later I was on the balcony to check the environment: 4 Colombian guys having a BBQ at the pool. One look at each other (="Hungry!"), 2 minutes later we sat beside the pool without needing to say a word and another minute later I had my steak in front of me. The successful strategy of women!

Now I'm gonna have some watermelon and then I'll only relax. Done for today.

Let's see what happens tomorrow. :-)



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