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Kailua & Hawaiian Rain

Wow. I just came back from an awesome day at the beach.
Drove to Kailua on Oahu's eastcoast and spent my day in the sand and in the water.

ImageBanana - 29149_1428698046375_1500557262_10942.jpg ImageBanana - 29149_1428698006374_1500557262_10942.jpg

Was amazing, but it feels like it gets hotter every day. Today it was 36°C at 9 AM and I felt already on the way to the bus like dying. So I just came back and looked into the mirror. I can't remember whenever I have been tanned like this, I'm so dark now. My body looks like someone painted a bikini shape on the skin.  Aswell sunburnt. My whole skin is warm and a little red, but I still feel great. I'm just glad that I spent only two hours in the sun, but this effect is extreme. If I would have stayed the whole afternoon, I probably couldn't sit on my ass no more.

No no. So I left 3 PM and walked into Kailua Town. I really walked, as you can't rely on this crappy bus and it's either way better to walk 2 1/2 miles... I rather sweat than freezing in this cold hell.

Kailua is amazingly beautiful and has so much more character than Honolulu. It's a small, quiet beachtown that has origin, roots and a lot of little surf shops and island stuff and good food. That's what I like. (I actually love this colorful surfer clothing. It's like skater clothing, only with an island touch. But so much better than all the bitchy-bling-bling shit in the malls. Bought two dresses and a hat. There comes the Bohemian through... ).

ImageBanana - IMG_0990.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0983.JPG

ImageBanana - IMG_0984.JPG ImageBanana - IMG_0989.JPG

My highlight of the day was finally something, I've been talking about for five years or more. Those days were so hot, my hope was always growing when clouds came up, but today I felt a raindrop on my nose. Five minutes later it started to rain. It poured and the water ran down the streets. Hawaiian rain. Another little dream came true.
So I still walked there beside the road, towards the town, wet all over, with music on as always, just lucky. Some pickup with a surfer guy held beside me: "Miss, shall I take you to town? It pours so badly!" Said no and smiled. Rain on Hawaii has something magical, even more because there are always rainbows afterwards everywhere. And it smells so good.

ImageBanana - IMG_1008.JPG

Bought me aswell a pineapple for dinner now. Right at the beach, under the palm. Island melancholy...

Tomorrow comes more, gonna stay out of the sun for a day and go exploring!  Think I know where to go...


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