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Okay. Originally, my main goal was to return to Los Angeles, California. To me, visiting "America" consisted of three main places: Westcoast, Eastcoast, South. and I remember my own words some years ago, the third one never interested me. Ha. Naive girl. That was before I became a GTA Vice City and Miami Vice addict. :-)

So well, stopover in Miami. Why not book the second flight a little later? Done. Two days in Florida. Alright! Don’t have any informations, don’t have plans, but well Romy, go for it, see where the shit you end up.

Who the heck believes that getting to Miami takes longer than to westcoast? It actually took me twelve hours over Ireland, Newfoundland, New York (hey, I saw Empire State Building from above!) and all the long way down to the very last damn corner of "Eastcoast". South to me though, cause Cuba is just 140 km away. I guess most people never really know how far down Miami really is, it’s the gulf of Mexico and near to Jamaica and all the crap around. It's already tropics.

And it truly was so insane: Imagine you get on a place all dressed up like an onion with your coat and everything in sub-zero temperatures and THEN you get off the plane and almost get blown back of a freaking shot of warm, damp air. What the fuck, it is January and you have to change into a summer dress?!  That's so cool!

Arrived at Miami International Airport, stuck at Customs. Of course. Americans. I joke with the custom man. “Hehe, maybe I have a bomb?” He obviously didn’t think I was so fun and so I had to wait for two hours in a custom back room. With some other “ominous” persons. :-) Ridiculous. Wasn't so smart. [And by the way, on this place I’d like to confirm this movie-cliché of constantly donut-eating officers. There was a donut-vendor.]

Miss, where are you going, why are you here? Do you have enough money with you, what do you work and why don‘t you have a return ticket? (Excuse me?). I wonder they didn’t ask what colour my panties is?

8 PM, I'm finally out and Thanks God it took so long, cause it was already dark and that made the way to Miami Beach perfect. Got me an open car and what followed then was by far the most beautiful I have ever seen in my entire life (and I have seen much!):

As most of you know, Miami is the land, then bridges, islands, bridges, islands, bridges, Miami Beach. Factually. So you drive away from the mainland, over those long bridges, all around you warm tropic wind, palms, water and speedboats (Vice Vice Vice!), up to this one special bridge that's called MacArthur Causeway. To your right downtown’s mirroring shining skyscrapers and the changing colors on the water, to your left Star Island with all the bigwig Estates where all the money lays. I don't have words for that, you gotta see it yourself. It makes you speechless.
ImageBanana - miami2.jpg

[I don’t want to mention listening to Jan Hammer’s Crockett’s Theme during this visual orgasm increases on one side extreme cheasyness, but on the other hand goosebumps like whatever, cause it’s really so freaking beautiful and you just need all this shit together to make it perfect. One time in your life. Period.]

Where do I stay? Well, there is no other than the Colony (yeah yeah the one with the blue neon light  - for the GTA guys better known as the first save-game-checkpoint...) on Ocean Drive. However, Ocean Drive rocks badly. I love the culture-crash in Miami: You get Jamaicans, Haitians, Cubans, Black, White, everything in the same place and the whole area is biligual with Spanish.

That Cubanian influence is everywhere, if it's food, music, frozen margaritas, dancing people (“Shake your booty!”), all of the town and its colours reminded me of a huge Fiesta. Never seen anything like this before. I walked around like a sponge sucking everything around me up and called everyone up that I just found the place to be. This is my new favourite getaway in the world. Definetely.
I really recommend it to everyone, as the flights are really cheap (Air Berlin offers them for like 300 € two-way. That’s cheaper than Spain. And who the hell needs Spain? :-) ). So go there. Please. You’ll have the time of your damn life.

Sunrise. I did my daily run in Miami, too. Went to the beach and jogged all the way down with my iPod and the Flash FM sound. Man, what else do you want to listen to?! It matches perfectly.

Took aswell a ride with a Jet Ski. Was my first one and I got really lost at first ("Omg, how to control this shit? " - "Don't go that fast, miss!" - "Yeah, I would, but I don't know how to stop. Uh, that was the gas pedal!" "Stay heeeeeere!", but it's damn fun and just pure adrenaline when you're cruising through Biscayne Bay, fullspeed around the islands, chasing seagulls and wind all around you.

I confess that swimming with a dolphin was a little girl dream of mine, so the next day I made my way down to Biscayne Bay’s Seaquarium and got to know beautiful 24-year old Novel who has a soft leather skin like a banana, took me all around through water and kissed me goodbye. Sweet thing, was worth it though it was raining as hell. (That's what you can't see on the picture. And you don't see how I freezed my ass off, cause the rain was really cold and that wetsuit not really warm).

ImageBanana - 1.jpg

And yeah, what is left to say? A randon stopover made me fall in love with a city I never cared about before.
I could've flown straight back from LAX to Germany in summer, but typical me decided to make another stopover in the city that keeps the roof blazin' as I got to know awesome people there. Still in Miami, I changed my return flight (for the first time at least - but that's another story... ;-) ). So I'll be back in summer. Can't wait!

ImageBanana - Star20Island20Drive.jpg

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