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Some day...

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I remember me (yeah, chunky :-) ), at the age of 15, leaving Los Angeles with the promise to come back, to fight for a place for me in this town when I'm older. Old enough to make it on my own.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. February 1st, 2010. Six years later.

I've arrived, all alone in my apartment, listen to the noise on the streets and I try to find words for how I feel. How long did this dream of working here last? So much time passed by, so many things happened in between and somehow, within all this time, I kept the thought of going for this. Dreams can be beautiful. But making them real is a big difference. Feels different.

I landed at 10:30 PM on LAX, got my car and drove for like two hours totally planless around. I totally spaced out inside, it was so amazing. You open all the windows, turn the volume up and you drive along the freeway, crossing the Hills, passing by the exits of Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills and all the spots you remember, and in all this mess, pictures of your past flash by when you where here the last time, you recognize streets and crossings, you still have parts of the city map in your mind.

It is the fucking greatest feeling in the world, when you made exactly what you wanted all your life. You guys should have seen my smile, it even brought some tears to my eyes (shame-eee, I'm such a girl! :-) ).

An internship in the city of Angels. Came so surprising when I didn't even believe in it anymore.

One day the mail came out of my postbox. But all that came out of me was a huge WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. I had to sit down and swallow at first. Well, it made me even leave Norway, where I just had found my place, had awesome friends, a job and so much more that made it a pretty tough decision to go. But after all, I didn't doubt one second it could be wrong.

So it's my first night back in California, warm air. Not humid like in Miami. But different from home.

I hear street sounds and I hear a song out of a car right now.

"...the rest is still unwritten." Irony of fate.

I have a feeling there's gonna be happening a lot within the upcoming months. :-)

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