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February 3rd, 2010

My first day at work and I'm late. That's so me. But as an exception, this time it wasn't really my fault, I just was not prepared for Los Angeles' traffic. I remember it heavy, but not this sick. So I crawled for like an hour on the fifth of six lanes on Highway 1, each one packed with a million cars until the horizon and a huge Dodge pick-up in front of me stealing 90% of my view. At exit number three, I was sick of it, torn the car out of the mess and drove the rest from Fairfax up to West Hollywood and over to Paramount through the city.

Now, what's my beautiful job about? We make it short, it isn't that special actually, mostly an office job concerned on website writing stuff (that's so me!) and event management right in the heart of Paramount Pictures area.

Regular 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, sometimes extra, sometimes less. That's something I can deal with. :-) So in the first week I only walked around with my clipboard in front of my chest, sucking informations up, following administrative persons, listen and learn, nod my head. Pretty much interesting though, and of course there are some little goodies, like having (supervised, but great anyway) access to movie sets and studio areas and you kinda get another perspective than the tourists do. I have been there some years ago, but who would have thought I'd come back like this? So cool.


February 8th, 2010

In the weekend, I went to the Universal City Walk with some friends. Haven't been to the studios since 2004, but this is like a huge fun-area with lots of restaurants, clubs and crazy shops (the Pretzel-Shop. The Scary-Shop. The Popcorn-World.)

AND there was a mexican chocolate store. Doesn't sound very weird, but they had great and tasty things, just like Bacon flavoured chocolate. If you can't get enough of it, you might need Bacon toothpicks. ImageBanana - bacon1.jpg

And if you got dirty or need a fix, you might be a case for Bacon soap and Bacon medical strips:

ImageBanana - bacon2.jpg ImageBanana - baconsoap.jpg

They eved had scorpions on a stick and white chocolate covered worms. I bought some cheese'n'onion-flavoured crickettes for my dad. (Disgusting enough to see it in my luggage every day :D).

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